Thursday, July 2, 2009

Item 17 and 19

Item 17 I signed up for and left a message in the sandbox, but I really haven't been back since.. as for Item 19 the list of the award winning web 2.0.? I signed up for the whiteboard, but unless you have someone to share with it is pointless. I did look through the list and found that some of the sights are available for the Iphone, and I'm really into my Iphone.. The following sites are app's for the Iphone...
Hair mixer... Where you can upload a picture of yourself and change the hair style.
Urbanspoon... A great app. when you want to find an place to eat.
Whiteboard... Sharing information the you have typed and another person can add to it and change it.
Craigsmoblelist.. It's craigs list what more can I say.

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